6 Ways Hiring a VA Could Grow Your Business

19 October 2016
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You might be wondering what exactly a VA is and how they can benefit you? A VA (virtual assistant) is akin to a PA but they work remotely and only when you require their services. VA’s are perfect for busy entrepreneurs or small to medium size start-ups that haven’t quite grown enough to take on another full-time member of staff but still need the extra help. Still not sure? We’ve put together a list of how exactly hiring a VA can help you grow your business.

1) Allows you to spend more time with your passion

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can free you up from the mundane, everyday tasks of running a business and allow you more time to work on the things you’re passionate about, which if we’re honest, is exactly why you started your own business in the first place! This in turn…

2) Increases your productivity

People work best when they’re doing what they love. We know at the initial stages of a new company it’s all hands on deck and we’ve even heard of some entrepreneurs roping in their grannies to do social media, but once the storm has passed and you’ve gotten your business off the ground it’s time to get some of the excess work off your plate and delegate! By outsourcing the tasks you hate to us, you can be assured that trained professionals are representing your brand (sorry granny!).

3) Makes time for you to focus on more profitable areas

Once you’ve gotten your granny off the social media you can focus on growing your business and increasing your profits. It can be hard to differentiate between what’s profitable and what’s not if all your time is taken up trawling through emails and typing up tedious documents. VA’s thrive on these day to day tasks, so let us take them off your hands and you can do what your best at.

4) VA’s can lighten an Overwhelming Schedule

Running your own business can be a recipe for burnout if you try to do everything yourself. VA’s understand that this is your baby and you want everything to be perfect, so do we! The flexibility of a fully trained VA can really take a load off your plate on busy days, while allowing you to take back the reigns on your quieter days.

5) Nobody is good at everything…including you!

It can be tempting to micromanage and try to take on every task yourself when you have a new business, but the reality is that nobody is good at everything and taking on tasks that aren’t your strong suit might be doing your business more harm than good! By hiring a VA, you can be assured that you’re delegating to a skilled professional who loves what they do.

6) VA’s are an affordable and flexible alternative to a full time employee

Business might be booming and you might find yourself spread thin but that doesn’t always translate into having the finances to hire another employee. VA’s can be called in to tackle the backlog or keep things in check by working two hours a day. Hiring a VA can also be a great way of discovering the areas you need the most assistant in, ensuring you hire someone to fill the right role when you do have the finanaces.

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