5 Ways Having a Professionally Designed Website Can Benefit Your Business

25 October 2016
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Nowadays it’s absolutely essential that your business has an online presence, not only does it increase credibility, but it acts as an online storefront for your brand. But how much does design actually matter? Most professionals would say that it’s better to have no website at all than a poorly designed one, we’ve put together a quick list examining the impact of design of your business so you can decide for yourself.

1) Establishes a Credible Web Presence

Saving on initial costs by using a premade website can undermine your businesses credibility if it’s thrown together with little thought of design or customer acquisition. A professionally designed website engages your customers and gives them a point of reference. It is especially important to have a trustworthy site if you’re asking your customers for online payment, no one’s going to trust a cluttered website with poor design!

2) Provides Essential Information

Having an informative website can lessen the burden on business owners, especially if your product or service has a lot of FAQ’s or could benefit from video demonstrations. Designers know how to make your website as informative and easy to navigate as possible, consumer studies have shown that usability scores 4 out of 5 on the relative importance scale when it comes to web design, so it’s something your customers will definitely thank you for!

3) Helps to Market Your Online Business

Having a website puts you directly in front of the people searching for your service, but having a badly designed website can just as easily make them disregard it. Internet marketing can generate business, customers and revenue but with the competition high it’s critical you ensure your website is the one people click.

4) Generates Leads

Your website can help you generate customer leads with special offers, online advertising or free useful information. Building a list of potential customers might be pivotal to your businesses success, sounds like a lot of work? Your web designer can ensure this whole process is automated, so your website is gathering leads while you’re busy running your business.

5) Helps You Close Sales and Increase Your Business Revenue

Even if your business has a physical location your website has the capacity to boost sales and increase your revenue. Ikea has hundreds of locations but found that their net profit increased by 5.5% ($3.9 billion) when they supplied customers with an online option. Websites run 24/7 so your online storefront can be making you money while you sleep.


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