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photo blog Kat Article 07 December 2016

3 Secret Weapons Every Business Owner Needs To Have

Ever wonder why some businesses go off without a hitch and others struggle to get off the ground? We were wondering the exact same thing, so we did some research and uncovered the 3 top tips from successful business owners.

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photo blog Kat Article 31 October 2016

5 Tasks Your VA Can Do Better Than You

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and hire a VA? Congratulations, your life’s about to get a whole lot easier! Unsure of what exactly you can outsource? VA’s are equipped to tackle most things but just in case we’ve put together a handy list of tasks your VA can (probably) do better than you!

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photo blog Kat Web 25 October 2016

5 Ways Having a Professionally Designed Website Can Benefit Your Business

Nowadays it’s absolutely essential that your business has an online presence, not only does it increase credibility, but it acts as an online storefront for your brand. But how much does design actually matter? Most professionals would say that it’s better to have no website at all than a poorly designed one, we’ve put together a quick list examining the impact of design of your business so you can decide for yourself.

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photo blog Maz Design 20 October 2016

Why Design Matters?

Let’s face it, we often base our opinions on first impressions! The same is true for website design, we’ve all have visited websites that have made us cringe when we hit the home page. We decide this business isn’t trustworthy and we make this decision without even reading the content of that page. Judging the book by the cover comes naturally to us it’s an evolutionary trait and a handy one at that! The snap decision we need to make when we see a random face on the street, the instant we know the oncoming traffic won’t stop and its time to run.

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photo blog Kat Article 19 October 2016

6 Ways Hiring a VA Could Grow Your Business

You might be wondering what exactly a VA is and how they can benefit you? A VA (virtual assistant) is akin to a PA but they work remotely and only when you require their services. VA’s are perfect for busy entrepreneurs or small to medium size start-ups that haven’t quite grown enough to take on another full-time member of staff but still need the extra help. Still not sure? We’ve put together a list of how exactly hiring a VA can help you grow your business.